In 2006 I lost my baby girl, Spirit. Words cannot explain the pain, confusion, and inner turmoil I endured. The Bible says, "All things work together for good." My husband, in an attempt to initiate and promote my healing process, bought me a camera. He knew how much I loved photography. I began by taking pictures of nature, God's creation is breathtaking. Every picture I took was an expression of her. They were brilliant, which is how I derived my tag line, "In Spirit, I am destined to capture brilliance."
Each photo I take is a tribute to her. Although I enjoy doing posed photography, I truly am passionate in photographing those candid, special moments. Capturing these moments as they occur tells your story. Because of my faith and trust in God I believe He gives me the wisdom, through His brilliance, to capture exactly what you, the client, will adore and cherish forever.